TERRANIA Model of Practical Dreaming

Remember the acronym TERRANIA for steps for turning disenchanting realities into reenchanted opportunities by combining reflection, relation, and action:

Trigger: What brings us into deep work in the world for better futures. The problem, edge, or issue that gets into the heart.

Engagement: Deciding to take it on and explore it instead of turning away or numbing out. The phase of existential commitment. Saying Yes to the Call to Adventure.

Reflection: Mustering contemplative and imaginal resources as we sit with the Trigger, grow a plan for responding to it, and continually fantasize about how to cross the gap between real and ideal, here and there.

Relationship: Joining with others for deep discussion and support as we plan. Consulting with our inside circle. Finding allies. Having informal discussions.

Action: Carrying out your plan. Moving outward from reflection to implementation.

Networking: Spreading the news of your action. Telling people about it. Outreach.

Inquiry: Inwardly and outwardly assessing the results of your action. What worked? What didn’t? What surprised you, and why? What dreams and feelings arose in response to it?

Advancing: Planning and carrying out next steps, repeating what’s above as needed. Following up. Continuing the work before it gets cold. Moving forward.

EARTH, Five Attitudes to facilitate practical dreaming:

Enthusiasm: (motivational) Keeping your energy and interest high.

Aspiration: (imaginal) Dreaming of how things could be and trusting those dreams.

Responsibility: (ethical) Standing for your principles and aspirations.

Tenacity: (intentional) Keeping at what matters in spite of obstacles.

Hopefulness: (foresightful) Holding open the possibility for just, inclusive, resilient, diverse, and Earth-loving forms of lasting beloved community.


See also “Heartsteading: Forming and Strengthening Circles of Community” and “Practical Dreaming in the Hopeful Light of Earthrise.”