Some of these are recent; others go back a few years. The topics below overlap the categories, so in some cases the placement is a bit arbitrary.

A thread that pulls these together weaves through the complex and, to me, endlessly fascinating intersections between psyche, story, symbol, place, nature, myth, dream, and Earth. All my writing reflects my sense of living in an enchanted world.

Near the bottom on the left you’ll see a link to where my books can be found online. Terrapsychology, Rebirths, the Animate California Trilogy, and In the Thick of Things explore our deep relations with objects, nature, matter, and places. Ecotherapy, edited with Linda Buzzell, collects articles and practices for enriching our contact with the natural world. The Spectacle of Ourselves is a “big history” book that documents worldwide historical events from Big Bang to 2000, and The Folly of Repetition and the Wisdom of Remembrance gives thirty examples of when we’ve failed to learn from the past. Storied Lives gets into work with personal myth. I keep my list of publications up to date.

On Jung's Black Books

Follow Your Bliss, or Be Hunted Down By It

Who was C.G. Jung and Why Should We Study His Work?

On the "Problem" of Evil

Depth Psychology in Work and Career

C. G. Jung Glossary: Key Terms

Sigmund Freud Glossary and Links

Freud's continuing relevance for us

The Shadow Demeter Complex and Codependency

What is Happiness?

What Good is an Archetype?

Gnostic Antecedents of Jung's Key Concepts

"Why We Fight": a speech at SSU

What is Depth Psychology?

James Hillman Quotations

Karen Horney Glossary

Alfred Adler Quotations

Maslow's Descent

On Losing Two Fathers
An ecotherapy case study by Linda Buzzell

Climate Change’s Impact on the Health of Children

Americans DO care about climate change!

The Environmental Crisis of Consciousness

Ego Versus Eco Psychologies

What is Ecotherapy?

Speech to the World's First Ecotherapy Certificate Graduates

No-Till Therapy

Permaculture and Psychology in Dialogue

Response to APA climate report

Apocalypticism: The Lure of the Abyss

Reversing Genesis

Perspectives on Mind and Nature

Petroleum - Blood of Pluto(cracy)

A Large Glossary of Ecological Terms

Principles of Environmental Justice

History Lesson: The Fall of the Minoans

Coming Home to a Sentient Planet

A Psyche the Size of the Sea
Do We Really Need a New Mythology?

Hymn of the Dreamdance of Creation

Star Wars: Modern Myth or Tantalizing Submyth?

Let’s Rename Pluto

The Real Zombies

Beyond the Hero's Journey

Riding the Wheel of Fortuna

Earthrise: Beacon of a New Worldview

Eve Reconsidered: The Gnostic View

John Steinbeck as Lancelot

Is Fear of Fantasy Curable?

Glossary of Greek and Roman Deities

A Gnostic Glossary

Glossary of Norse Deities

Glossary of Celtic Deities

Glossary of Sami Deities

Can the Gods Be Revived?
“Heaven in the World”?

What Good Are the Humanities?

What Good Are Transformative Consciousness Programs?

Where New Age Beliefs Come From

Stories Guide Us through Loss

Hesse: Cheerful Serenity

Zombies, Robots, Philosophies of Mind

The Rematch of Blood and Dust

Heidegger's Ragnarok

Post-Structuralismin 10 Easy Steps!

Review of Piers Vitebsky's Shamanism

Pre-Eulogy: A Fable

Meet the Intellectuals

The Colonial Lemonade Stand: A Fable

Idylls of the King and the Good Society

Fantasyland: A Fable
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