Enchantivism happens when we inspire deep societal change, whether locally or more widely, through inspiration and vision. Whereas reform and activism tend to push and pressure, enchantivism pulls through alluring stories of the communities of our desire. Enchantivism is for non-activists who don’t protest or march but want to make a lasting positive difference as well as for activists seeking to regenerate their efforts by working with story, myth, dream, and the presence of place.

Transrevolution refers to deep, permanent changes in a complex system. We can see it ignite on many scales and levels: a life-altering epiphany, a family reorganized and evolved beyond some great loss, a neighborhood rejuvenated from within, a movement for civil rights, a nation healed and restored. Enchantivism can bring about transrevolution.

Unlike first-order change, which refers to surface transformation, and unlike revolution, which tends to violently revolve the wrong people into power without altering much else, transrevolution is structural second-order transmutation from the inside out of a destabilized system nearing chaos. Below and beyond the level of political parties or religious divisions, systemic structures change because the interactions feeding them, the values and beliefs ordering them, and the worldview underlying them also change as a new attractor appears, a new archetype rises, a new vision shines forth from below.

The greatest transrevolution in history would be a shift in world culture toward just, inclusive, Earth-loving self-governance. This will depend on the enchanting stories we tell ourselves about who we are, how we relate to each other, and how we can live in peace and delight on our homeworld.

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