As C.G. Jung pointed out, it can be salutary to know what myth you live: myth not as a falsehood or an old explanation for weather, but as a basic, enlivening, inspiring story that organizes your values, goals, efforts, and sense of significance.

I discovered one day that all my work—in depth psychology, in terrapsychology, in ecopsychology, mythology, story, teaching, dream—seems to revolve around Terrania (“terr-AY-nee-uh”), my name-image-hope for the locally rooted world community of abundance, justice, and delight which I believe to be possible of attainment by our species. And each piece of my work, each paper, presentation, article, speech, text, and fable, is a leaf in the book of this proto-mythological enterprise. It even has a creation story and a spiritual path Soon it will have a book of fables, dreams, and retold myths. Terrania: the mythos of a lovingly inhabited Earth.

If we like this idea, we need the right stories to help us assemble the currently flourishing but still separate floors, walls, and foundations of that community: experiments in storytelling, peacemaking, restorative justice, sustainable food, animal communication, student-centered education, green psychology, humane economics, spiritual practice…too many experiments to list. We need stories like myths and fables and folktales revisioned forward. Humane, deep, and wise tales and the courage to tell them to ourselves and to each other. Accounts of what works, what helps, what moves us forward. All our plans, all our efforts, all our attempts to heal, improve and evolve begin in what we can imagine. (See also the Terrania Charter of Planetary Renewal.)

Earthrise and TerraniaTerrapsychology
"If heaven and earth were divided, so too were body
and soul, nature and supernature, flesh and spirit...
With our view of Earthrise, we could see that the
Earth and the heavens were no longer divided, but
that the Earth is in the heavens." ~ Joseph Campbell

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