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NEW - From Terrapocalypse to Earthrise: The Rebirth of the Sacred in a Time of Collapse

Is there any reason for hope in the face of global warming, mass extinction, and other catastrophes beginning to sweep the planet? Yes! A big picture overview of what brought us to this offers examples of how we live in a time not only of collapse, but of renewal. After the presentation copies of the slideshow will be available for free. -see slide 1 - see slide 2 -

From Violence to Peace: The Inside Story

Based on my years of experience counseling men convicted of violent crimes, this presentation discusses cultural, familial, and personal factors that enable violence, offers a view into violent thinking and behavior, and makes suggestions for intervention. First presented at a Highground Hackers event with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee in attendance.

Ecotherapy - Healing with Nature in Mind

This update on the field of ecotherapy discusses important connections between mind and nature and their implications for mental and physical health and well-being. For more information and updates on the anthology that inspired this slideshow, visit

Mythic Activism - Tending the Story Behind the Story

What mythic images recur in the problems and struggles of our day? Could detecting and presenting them constitute a new kind of activism?

Deep California - Legacies of Conquest into Images of Homecoming

After giving a brief exposition of the facts and history of California, we proceed northward along Camino Real looking at the clusters of resonant stories and metaphors on our way to the top, where we consider the questions: How can I live here gently and sustainably? How does my story fit California? What does this place need from me?

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