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Purposes and Outcomes

Weary of sitting on the sidelines while the world falls apart? Want to make a positive difference but disinclined to be an activist, politician, or revolutionary? Or, as such, looking for ways to work below the surface?

The Certificate in Applied Mythology provides tools for story-based transformative work in the world. You will learn how to make use of these depth tools on behalf of the causes that speak to you. Applied mythology is an aspect of Deep Education.

Earning the Certificate will enable you to:

- Analyze the mythic structures of current events and pivotal occasions

- Explore the relationship between elements of mythology and deep psychology

- Interpret mythic motifs and images with tools similar to those for dream interpretation

- Join a circle of people passionate about restorying the events of our time toward new forms of Earth-honoring consciousness and cultural and personal renewal.

"Our trouble time of fragmentation, chaos, and systemic breakdown desperately needs the new Kouretes: deep storytellers willing to serve, each uniquely, as Round Table Knights of the World Soul."
--Craig Chalquist, PhD

Fees and Formats

The Certificate runs weekly via webinar every time enough participants sign up for it. The first started in August 2014 with 19 attending.

You can participate at home or on any laptop or device that supports Zoom. The Certificate takes five weeks to complete.

Price: $150. The five sessions are scheduled for an hour and a half each but they often run over. The first session for Level 1 is free.

Once you register you will be asked to go online and join the free Applied Mythology Certificate Discussion Group hosted by the Depth Psychology Alliance. You will then have access to course materials and contact with with other participants.

The Certificate is a collaboration between the Depth Psychology Alliance and the instructor. Craig Chalquist, PhD is a depth psychologist, mythologist, ecopsychologist, and chair of the department of East-West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. For years he has taught applied mythology and depth psychology to graduate students and interested audiences.

Read a detailed instructor bio.

Download the flyer.

For more information, contact the instructor.


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